Russiagate! – The Collusion Delusion


When people stop buying the propaganda, the mainstream media turn up the volume. Locked into ideological narratives on most issues, corporate journalists preferred option is to support government policy and double down on their lies. Nowhere has this been more apparent than in the so-called Russiagate saga in the United States. One of the journalists […]

Litmus Test – the ‘narrative war’ over Julian Assange


Now Julian Assange has been arrested, what will follow, from politicians, commentators and media figures on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean…is a concerted effort to focus on the ‘guilt’ of Julian Assange; to ignore the truth of what he has revealed. Mark GB shares why…

Russian collusion – no more than “conspiracy porn”


After 675 days, 25 million dollars, 2,800 subpoenas, over 500 witnesses, and more than 500 search warrants, all of which took up the time of 20 prosecutors and nearly 50 FBI agents, Special Counsel Robert Mueller submitted the results of his “witch hunt” to the Attorney General of the United States of America, Robert Barr. […]

The Quickening


The French Revolution didn’t ‘start’ in 1789; WW2 didn’t ‘begin’ in 1939; an avalanche doesn’t ‘commence’ when the surface snow begins to slide. By the time human beings recognise that a massive shift is taking place, it’s been underway for a while, sometimes a long while. The majority become aware during the quickening stage of the phenomena. We’re in one now.

On the continued weaponization of ‘identity’


Anyone who believes that their ‘identity’ provides immunisation against criticism, is either a dangerous fool or a deliberate manipulator. Mark GB explains why this form of ‘emotional blackmail’ should always be questioned.

Neoliberalism – An Idea Swallowing The World


Neoliberalism is sold to the public as a simple package that’s easy to understand, in the capable hands of professional politicians and economists. But what lies beneath this pernicious economic idea that is responsible for almost all the chaos we see around the world?



What is the context for Washington’s ongoing economic meddling against the democratic government of Venezuela led by socialist Nicolas Maduro? Daniel Margrain explains…

The War for your Mind


How do we break a vicious cycle that allows the media to facilitate the wanton acts of the military industrial complex?