Democracy in crisis: Where front is back, white is black and lies are truth


Almost half of the UK’s combined print and online press is owned by just two billionaires – which confirms renowned American journalist, A J Liebling’s adage that “freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.” We ask what this has meant for the recent coverage of local elections.

Syria: neoliberalism vs sovereignty


The more we hear about Syria, the less we understand. The mixed messages that come from the media seem only to add more confusion. Having been hoodwinked into wars in the Middle East before, the British people are naturally skeptical. So beyond the headlines what’s the real geopolitical play that’s going on and why is it occurring? We travelled to Singapore to meet Professor Ali Kadri, a Middle Eastern economist who understands the geopolitical play and gives us an unvarnished look into what’s at stake, the forces driving the Syrian conflict, and the wider problems across the Middle East.

WWIII at Syria’s doorstep: Who stands to gain?


The world’s major superpowers are converging on Syria, the centre of a new Cold War between America and Russia. It’s also a significant source of conflict over a natural gas pipeline connecting the Middle East with Europe. Will the outcome dictate the structure of the next century’s ‘new world order’?

For how long will corporate media vilify Mr Corbyn?


The political and media establishment’s vilification of Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership and their plot to oust him has come to new lows. We take a look at what is driving it and why Corbyn’s success continues to defy the headlines.

Dear Tony Blair – the right views on Brexit are wrong


Tony Blair – this is the man who last year encouraged Labourites to vote Lib Dem or Tory rather than vote for Jeremy Corbyn at the last election, over his EU views and his pro-justice, anti-war stance. We ask how far Labour has strayed from its base.

Playing with fire


Syria has for a long period been predicated on regime change and some obvious questions remain unanswered by the ‘arm chair generals’ itching for war. Daniel Margrain unlocks the corporate media and the mainstream commentariat and explains the historical role the West has played in helping to foment regional instability and conflict in Syria.

Did Assad gas his own people?


The recent bombing raids on Syria are predicated on a false consensus that President Bashar al-Assad is responsible for using chemical weapons against his own people. But even intelligence officials say these claims are widely disputed. So let’s run through everything we know, and don’t know, about the attacks.

Democrats Issue Lawsuit Vs. Russia, Trump – Oh My!


Democratic National Committee has filed a frivolous lawsuit against the Russian government, Donald Trump, his entire campaign, the WikiLeaks organization, Julian Assange and many others for, they claim, influencing the outcome of the 2016 campaign through internet hackings and manipulation to secure the presidential win for Donald Trump. So it there truth to it, or is it just more diversionary tactics?