Understanding Land Value Taxation

One of the great mysteries of modern economics is how little attention is paid to the role of land in economic activity. In particular, taxing land ownership as opposed to taxing the economic activity that takes place on it. Flick open an economics textbook, and you’ll find the idea of taxing land ownership based on its unimproved values – basically, the ‘raw’ land itself – seems unthinkable. Which is strange because the forefathers of modern economic theory, dating back to Adam Smith himself, had a very different attitude to land taxation.

This Actually Happened: Goldman Sachs, Scientology, the UFO Theorist & 1,471 Teenage Prisoners.

Have you heard the one about Goldman Sachs investing $9.6 million into the Adolescent Behavioural Learning Experience (ABLE) programme at Rikers Island penitentiary in New York? No? It’s a corker. But it’s no joke. It is a disturbing example of what can happen when big finance gets involved in public policy.

I Wish I’d Been in That Meeting: Sad Men

These days, advertising is part of the corporate establishment. They used to sell us cigarettes and Jimmy Saville, they’ve sold us bulimic models, they’re still selling fast food obesity, carbon emissions, fashionable clothes made by Asian children in sweatshops, PPI schemes, Donald Trump and everything in-between.

I Wish I’d Been in That Meeting: The New Day

I wish I’d been in that meeting. The one where Trinity Mirror staff brainstormed the idea for a new kind of daily newspaper. That must have been quite a thing. A room full of newspaper execs and seasoned editorial staff, throwing out rulebooks and old fashioned thinking. The result… A DAILY NEWSPAPER.